The Seitanist.

Pies. Everyone loves pies. Inverted pentagrams are popular too.seitanist

A couple of weeks ago I was cooking for a friend. He’s a firm believer in the qualities of a good pie. He is a meat eater, and likes a bit of old school black metal.

So I decided to introduce him to my old friend Seitan.

Seitan is braised wheat gluten. Also known as mock duck, mock abalone etc etc. It’s also DELICIOUS.

For this pie filling I cut some up into hearty chunks, cut up some Fry’s vegan sausages, red onion, fresh rosemary and reconstituted porcini mushrooms and fried them all off, then simmered them down in the porcini stock until it became thick and yummy.

The pastry is just plain flour, Sainsbury’s Baking Block (vegan AND sustainable palm oil), salt and water.

Served up with hassleback potatoes and steamed cabbage. Hearty food for a cold winters evening. Afterwards we went off and burned down some churches.


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