Pie and Mash.

Due to Mrs Veganfoodisshit’s job as a baker, she works some pretty antisocial hours. Sometimes, this means that she has to go to bed very early. This leaves me pondering on meals for one.

When that happens, it’s usually PIE O’CLOCK!


Creamy mashed potatoes, made with olive oil, oat milk and wholegrain mustard, steamed cabbage, and of course…. the pie.


If your pie isn’t completely encased in pastry, it’s just a casserole with a lid. This, is a pie. A simple short crust pastry of plain flour, olive oil, salt and water, wrapped around a filling of chestnut mushrooms, red onions and seitan (tinned “mock abalone” this time) in a rich gravy with lots of sage and black pepper.

It was huge, and washed down with beer. And scoffed in front of an episode or two of Daredevil.




Early harvests.

I love this time of year – it’s when the foraging begins!


…I say foraging, but we actually cultivate both wild garlic and nettles in our back garden!

Wild garlic has such a short season you have to make the most of it while it’s still here – so we’re having wild garlic in EVERYTHING just now. Nettles – they’re best when they’re still young and tender.

So these got picked, washed and sauteed with some sliced fennel bulbs. I baked some asparagus in olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper. Made some almond and cashew riccotta (blitzed them up with some olive oil, lemon juice and salt – delicious!), stuffed some large mushrooms with them, topped off with some basil pesto, and served with some seeded malthouse sourdough.


It was a bit tasty.

A pilgrimage of sorts….

It’s been a while – sometimes real life gets in the way of blogging… but the good news is that PLENTY of great food has been eaten over the past weeks, including quite alot of eating out.

I don’t tend to go out to restaurants very often these days – over priced, uninspiring vegan options don’t tend to lend to much excitement. However……..

I’ve been meaning to visit¬†PRASHAD¬†for a very long time, and it was worth the wait.

If you’ve not heard of Prashad – they’re a vegetarian Indian restaurant, winner of lots of prizes, and writers of fantastic cook books.

So four of us (one vegan, two veggies and a meat loving omni) piled into the car and headed to sunny Drighlington. In our excitement we were a *little* early, but the friendly staff got us to a table in no time at all.

We had already decided on the vegan set menu, our friends went for the vegetarian one. I had been warned that there was ALOT of food… I didn’t see this as a bad thing!

First up was an “amuse bouche”. Mrs Veganfoodisshit finds the idea of amuse bouches a bit daft, but i’m not one to complain about an extra course, however small.


A delicious little ball of tastiness on a bed of coriander chutney. The pakora was lightly spiced, the coriander bright and fresh. My bouche was well and truly amused.

A curry night isn’t a curry night without poppadoms and chutney – and this was THE best lime chutney I’ve ever tasted! The poppadoms were amazing too – lightly flavoured with asafoeteda.

Next up was Prashad’s famous chaat and bhajis. I’ve always been quite dubious about chaat – on paper it’s a bit of a mishmash – fried pasta, pastry, potato, chickpeas etc smothered in sauces. In reality it was so good I almost forgot to take a picture!



The Bhaji were incredible, and came with even more of that stunning coriander chutney.

..and then the main course…


I’m a big fan of thali – It saves deciding on one thing – just have it all!! And the masala dosa was so tasty I could have cried.

So in short – Prashad was every bit as good as I’d expected…maybe even better.