Salad and sausages….

What could be better?

Apologies that it’s been a while since my last blog post. Real life gets in the way, and lack of motivation too if I’m honest. There has been lots of GREAT food trust me – I just didn’t get around to photographing it, or writing about it.

Tonight, I had a huge pile of salad leaves to use up (I can’t walk past those little yellow “reduced” stickers in Sainsbury’s!), but also had a real hankering for sausages (VBites “Vegi Deli” Lincolnshire Sausages to be precise – they’re DELICIOUS!).

So the challenge was set – how to make salad and sausages work…..


Once I got some onions, chilies, smoked paprika and garlic sizzling away, it kind of made itself. Added the sausages and a tin of chick peas, served with ripe avocado quarters, fresh sweet tomatoes, and mixed salad leaves. Sated my hunger for sausage, and maintained a healthy facade all at the same time.


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