On algae, and it’s merits.

Once again, it’s been a while since my last blog post – I haven’t had much time/inclination for writing. There has been ALOT of delicious food that I haven’t shared with you too.

For the past five or so months I’ve been working at Suma (Vegetarian and vegan/ethical/eco friendly wholesaler, workers cooperative and all round awesome place to work). Long working hours, and tiring work – but I love it. Free vegan meals in the works canteen every day (we even had PRASHAD come in to cook our Christmas dinner recently!) and of course the legendary FREE PALLET! (damaged stock, close to sell by date etc – delicious food for free).

My wife started working there recently too, and it’s fantastic to have our working weeks back in sync.

We recently joined a vegan group at Suma, and as a welcome gift we were given this:


It’s made from algae….


I’m a big fan of a scramble. I used to love scrambled eggs, and I LOVE scrambled tofu. So scrambled VeganEgg it was!

(Disclaimer time – though I work for Suma, and the breakfast i’m about to discuss is all Suma products, this is in no way a “Suma Review” and the ideas and opinions contained herein are all mine and in no way endorsed by Suma).

Firstly the “egg” – the instructions say to use two level tablespoons and 115ml ice cold water for each “egg”… I think they might be referring to ostrich eggs because I made what I was expecting to be 5 eggs worth to share with Mrs Veganfoodisshit, and we wound up with a mountain!

It fries up really well – i’m guessing it’d be excellent for omelettes and quiches too, although most of it’s eggy smell and taste seemed to leave quite quickly. The colour was also a little pasty.

After adding some turmeric, pepper and black salt it was looking (and tasting) great.

Along with some of Suma’s own brand “vegan sausages and beans” (the sausages, if i’m honest weren’t anything to write home about, but the beans were delicious!), and some toasted white bread (home baked by Mrs Veganfoodisshit using free pallet flour). We had a feast of a breakfast.