Indian-style kebab….ish

As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m a HUGE fan of PRASHAD, and their’s are some of the few cookery books I actually own.


There’s a fantastic recipe for Methi Bhaji Bataka (basically fenugreek potatoes) in their PRASHAD AT HOME book, which I’ve been meaning to turn into a wrap for ages…. so here it is….



Yeah, I got a bit carried away with the fillings…


So let’s start at the bottom…

Simple flatbreads – seeded wholemeal flour, sunflower oil, salt and water – mixed, kneaded, rolled out and cooked fast and hot.

Salad – y’know, leaves and stuff?

Curried spinach – turmeric, asafoetida, black pepper, black mustard, cardomom, fresh chillies, fresh ginger, fresh garlic – fry them all up, wilt down the spinach. Green, spicy, delicious.

Methi Bhaji Bataka – the recipe’s in the book – it’s only £25, thank me later.


Achari Tofu – Firm Tofu, strained and marinaded in lemon juice, dried mint, salt and soy sauce. Coated with Achari Spice Blend (available from most Continental superstores – it’s basically chilli, black salt, mango powder, asafoetida and a few other bits and bobs), baked until slightly crispy. YUM.

Coriander Chutney – fresh coriander, fresh chillies, fresh garlic, lemon juice, salt. Blitz, then stir through your vegan yoghurt of choice. This time it was almond milk yoghurt. I hadn’t tried this one before – usually I go for COYO’S fantastic coconut based yoghurt.

Topped off with a garnish of fresh coriander and red chillies.

I don’t often like to “blow my own trumpet”… but this was a bit special.

17 hours later and I’m still stuffed!




Soya Suya

Seriously, I’m just going to change the name of this blog to “The Flatbread Chronicles” and be done with it….


This is my “take” on the classic Nigerian street food/kebab, suya.

Suya’s normally made by marinading bits of dead animal in spices and peanuts. Mine, as the name implies, is tofu.

I firstly drain and press out the tofu, then marinade in dark soy and liquid smoke. Then dust down the outside with smoked paprika, chilli powder and a sprinkling of sugar. The marinade is peanut butter, veg stock, fresh chillies (bashed into a paste in a mortar and pestle) with black pepper and nutmeg. Traditionally a spice called “Uda” is used, but as I haven’t been able to source a reasonably priced UK supplier, I’ve been using the mix of nutmeg and pepper.

The salad is just cucumber, tomato and coriander diced – with salt and lemon juice.

Flatbreads, made the usual way – but with oat milk instead of water this time. They were lovely and soft.

My nose and eyes are streaming, my insides are on fire, but damn that was good!



I’ve just realised that flatbreads seem to be featuring alot on this blog. I guess that’s a pretty good representation of my life though – I’m a big fan of my unleavened breads.


My wife is one of those “artisan baker” types – and yes, she even gets paid for it. So tend to be a bit lazy about breads. Nomatter how nice a loaf I make is, hers are always better. WAAAY better. Maybe that’s why I focus more on flatbreads. Chapattis, tortillas, pittas, rotis, khebz – that’s my territory.


I also love falafel. Who doesn’t love falafel? Granted, these were kind of “cheats falafels” as I used tinned chickpeas, and breadcrumbs – they were still very tasty though.

I blitzed up some old stale (sourdough) bread for the crumbs, smoothly blended some of the chickpeas, roughly crushed some more. Chopped some chilli, garlic and parsley, and mixed it all together with some ground coriander seed, cumin and za’atar. Formed it into balls, drizzled on some oil, and baked at a high temperature for around 20mins.

For the flatbreads – the usual really – strong white flour, salt, oil, water, a little more za’atar this time too. Kneaded until smooth, left to sit for 10 mins, rolled out, in the pan, couple of minutes on each side.

Served with salad and olives, drizzled with tahini and lemon juice.

If i’d have thought, i’d have dropped some harissa on top of that too for some extra punch – but I was VERY hungry.



Vegan Craft Beer…and Souvlaki

If there’s one thing I like as much as good food, it’s good beer.


On the way home from work today I decided to pop into Arcade Beers  and grab a few cans to go with the souvlaki I’d been planning since around 10.30am.

A quick browse of their chilled cans, and a search on Barnivore showed that the Moor Beer Company are vegan.

Got home, poured out the delicious, fresh, grassy hoppyiness that is the “Envy” and cracked on with my souvlaki…..


Tofu and red onions marinaded in olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper, oregano, garlic,smoked salt and sugar. Grilled on a skewer, served with salad on a crispy baked flat bread (flavoured with nigella seeds). Sounds good? It gets better…… VEGAN TZATZIKI.


Grated cucumber, salt, garlic, lemon juice and vegan mayonnaise.


Oh, and there was salad.

Vegan food is SOOOOO healthy….

All this salad, and the fresh vegetables….. How about some good old fashioned “fish and chips”?

Fish and chips

Last week I was making some cauliflower pakora – and I realised how similar the texture was to white fish like cod or pollock. (I wasn’t always veggie-inclined, and can still remember things like this) – so that set my mind to creating this.

I grew up just outside Glasgow. There’s a saying they have about food in Glasgow – “If it can’t be deep fried, battered or iced – then it’s already deep fried battered and iced.”.

Oven chips – nothing fancy there, take them out of the bag, whack them in the oven.

Frozen mushy peas. Tinned ones are awful. Loads of salt and vinegar.

I steamed the cauliflower first, and made a batter from plain flour, baking powder, salt and beer. I used Brewdog’s 5am Saint for this one – it’s got a nice maltyness to it that I thought would work well. I was little concerned that the hops might be overly present, but fortunately that didn’t come through at all. This made a batter that was SO good I didn’t want to waste it – so the rest got fried off as scraps.

I did have a rather elegant scrap-spire artistically rising from the top of my mushy peas, but sadly this got broken as my wife leaned across my plate to eat the scraps she alleged to not really want.

Second picture on this post – a closeup of the texture of the cauliflower….

Closeup of the fish


Everybody loves a burger, even Rambo.

Rambo came to live with us just over a month ago now. He’s cat number 7, and as you can see – he loves vegan burgers.

cropped burgers

So – clockwise from the top….

Sesame seeded home baked bread rolls (not entirely my work here, I’m lucky enough to be married to a baker, all I did was shape the rolls and chuck them in the oven). Porcini, black bean and bulgar wheat burgers.

Fennel-slaw. Fresh fennel shredded with red onions dressed in vegan mayonnaise and lemon juice.

Spicy potato wedges coated in smoked paprika, cracked black pepper and chilli.

Fresh raw salsa of grated tomato, finely chopped coriander, garlic and chilli.